38 thoughts to “Volvo Trucks – The Ballerina Stunt (Live Test)”

  1. look how there are two types of rope supports in the trucks. and how her hands are way above her head. as if she is holding another rope. wind and simple physics even at that speed, would make this task pretty unbelievably hard. balance needs equal weight distribution and a person weighs a lot. the more arm the more weight

  2. I mean.. Just driving around in ETS2 is enough for me to know which truck I’d go with xD And besides, the FH16 has the cool remote for adjusting the leveling.

  3. clay South Glens Falls, NY #7 Aug 20, 2011
    I have a 2011volvo vn with the d13. So far it has 18,500 miles with only a recall to check injector torque. I was told by a mechanic at the dealer that they are having turbo trouble with idling with low old pressure and the exhaust brake loading the turbo to keep heat in the engine? He told me to raise the rpm at idle. I thinks this doesn’t help with any fuel savings but I don’t idle much.

  4. ay United States #14 Nov 16, 2011
    jay wrote:

    A big plus 1. I have a 2008 d13 with 820k miles. I put 1000 dolars in the last month alone on it. We run team and we can’t keep up with the repait bills. So far we went through 4 turbo actuators, 6 flexible pipes, two egr coolers, four sets of injector caps, the dpf filter is monster pain in the a.. right now i’m in a truck stop with most likely the fifth turbo actuator down.
    Don’t get a volvo! Ever! It WILL bancrupt you!
    Sorry, I made a mistake. It was 10.000 dolars the last month bills not 1000!

  5. southernroute Coalinga, CA #23 Mar 26, 2012

    I had a 2010 d13. For six months it was in the shop every month! I’m glad I drive company! I would a been screwed. I got in that truck at 127,000 miles! What crap. I told my company I was sick of this truck. They put me in a 2012 Volvo like this is gonna be different:-) we will see….

  6. ovy Canada #27 Apr 29, 2012

    i have a2008 volvo with d13 worst engine ever
    1000000 kms i had replace injector cups 8 times 7
    7th injector 4 times egr valve and cooler twice never cross east west coast without a check engine 4 times coolant hoses blown belt tensioners repl three times
    softwere repl 3 times ,third year spent 39000 cad dollars in maintainence,clutch,second drive shaft,
    2 whilbearings,regen syst. check and repaird many times,mechanics are clueless,it is a total mess,now i spent 1880 $ on the new steel inj. cups failed after98000kms 11monts to go never,NEVER another volvo
    this is my third an,

  7. МОЛОДЕЦ !!!!!! Я в восторге !!! И Принцесса на канате и Водители РЕСПЕКТ!!!

  8. How much did technology improve in years. Volvo seems to amaze everyone. 🙂 Stunt team is also amazing. Good job!

  9. У меня чуть сердце не оборвалось , когда смотрел этот ролик…

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