25 thoughts to “IPhone 7 Scratch Test – BEND TEST – Durability Video!”

  1. Normally with the burn tests, I hope that the phones recover, but in this video I had a strange hope of the phone igniting… Interesting.

  2. Regarding the wear and tear of the headphone jack/lightening port .. if acc to Zack it takes 5000-10000 plugs and unplugs to wear it (lets take 7000) even then if you use it upto 5 plugs and unplugs/day ..it would take a good 4 years to do any significant wear (if the data provided by Zack stands correct.. Remember , even he doesn’t know the exact figure) So I’d not worry about it too much

  3. I have this phone, the flash is great, light tone is great and neutral in photos and its fucking bright

  4. I’m traumatized that someone destroys a new iPhone.
    I deserve a iPhone for my mental damage

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